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I closed on my first home purchase with A-One Home Mortgage's help and expertise. The entire experience was a breeze. Thank you are the best!

E. Olagbegi
Marietta, Georgia

I had my credit ran 12 times by several mortgage companies and they could'nt help me. A-One Home Mortgage helped my dream come true. As a matter of fact, I never believed I was closing on my dream house until I was given the keys. Thank you A-One!

Princess Clark
Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks for all of your help in getting this refinance done. I know it took a while and a lot of bumps in the road but as always you are the MAN !!!


Foreign Nationals Program: Some Criteria Facilitating Approval

  • Applicant's passport and US Visa with multiple entry

  • Letters of reference on company letterhead from a financial and/or banking institution.  The letterhead must state the type of relationship, the length of the relationshipe and how the accounts are held.  All contact information must be provided for the person signing the letter.  Any translation must be completed and attached to the reference letter, signed and dated by a certified translator.  Letters of references are only allowed from verifiable institutions.

  • A letter from an accountant/CPA is required verifying income figures for the last two years and must provide year to date income figures.

  • Must be self-employed a minimum of 4 years

  • A minimum of 24 months PITIA liquid reserves is required with a minimum of 12 months held in a US bank. Assets held in a foreign account are to be calculated to the current exchange rate with verification of the exchanged rate provided in the loan.  A letter of reference on company letterhead from a financial or banking institution is required.  The letter must state:

    • The type of relationship

    • The length of the relationship

    • How accounts are held, and

    • Current balance

    • ** All contact information must be provided be the person signing the letter **

  • All loans must establish an ACH debit for mortgage payments from a US bank.  The ACH debit form must be signed prior to scheduling a closing.

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